Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Did anyone here try maybelline dream matte mousse foundation?

im thinking of buying it..is it good for people with acne prone skin?does it cause break outs? Also..should u put powder on top to finish if that is all your wearing?Did anyone here try maybelline dream matte mousse foundation?
I use to wear it, one with my natural color the other shade when I had a tan. the problem with it is, I have acne on my chin and forehead and because its so oily it reversed my acne treatment so my acne didn't go away it stay! also the color comes off, it doesn't dry its like if you but mud on your face and it never dried and got all over the place. Lastly, it gets under your nails and won't come out very easy.Did anyone here try maybelline dream matte mousse foundation?
Yes, unfortunately, I bought this expensive product even when my budget didnt allow it and now I am repenting it.

Actually, it looks like air-whipped cream and that tempts you to try it on, but after you blend it on to your skin, it does look like you have painted your face grey or worse white!!!!!

I recommend that you try some other product.............if you are in India, then the cheap and good ';Lakme souffle'; is much much much better.

Otherwise, you can always try MAC. Best of Luck!!!!!!!!
I bought that foundation a while ago, and trust me, it is DEFINITELY not good for people with acne prone skin. It goes on with a powder finish, and at first, it looks great. However, after about an hour, my skin already looked cakey and oily. After a few days of using it, my skin TOTALLY broke out. I most definitely don't reccomend it.
I wouldn't recommend it. I looked SCARY if anyone stood withing 10 inches of me (looked good on stage but that was about it)

I rarely break out but when I washed the foundation off my skin, it still felt greasy and I ended up breaking out the next day.

No, no powder. Its just too much make up. You should try a light make up like Almay smart shade.
I used it for awhile under my eyes, I wouldn't reccommend it because after a while it makes your skin oily and it is less than great.

If you do use it, I would probably put a powder over it but then again, I really wouldn't use it.
Yes it was terrible made my skin break out like all hell.

Will never ever buy it again.
oily and doesnt stay on long

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