Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anyone use maybelline mineral powder foundation?

I currently use MAC studio fix powder and i love it but i find it's a bit too heavy and if not properly removed can cause a few spots and blackheads. I was thinking of using this maybelline powder foundation as it seems like it would be very light yet provide fairly good coverage and not clog pores etc. Can anyone recommend it to me? Or are there any reason why i shouldn't get it? Any other recommendations are welcome. Also, I use NC20 in studiofix which is quite pale, would the rose ivory from maybelline be suitable?

Any help is appreciated! :)Anyone use maybelline mineral powder foundation?
Bare Minerals brand is best I have found...Anyone use maybelline mineral powder foundation?
i have maybelline powder foundation and i have found it very good it covers spots and dosnt look like its there.

but you have to rub it in very well to work

also it is quit messy but i would say it is very good.
theres a ton of chemicals in it. It made me break out.

I use LA Minerals and it's fantastic. They have samples for like $1 on their website and they ship them free:)
I'm so sick of hearing about bare minerals and bare esscentuals! I tried B.E. It came with 3 very small containers which included: mineral veil, featherlight (shimmery powder) and another bronzy powder that I forget the name of. Anyways, maybe I got the wrongset b/c I've heard about a foundation powder or something like that. I think that would given me a better result. The powder didn't stay on all day-I live in TX and it's hot out here and even tho I only highlighted my chekbones with the featherlight, I'd look kinda greasy from the humidity. It's alot of money for just a month supply and crappy powders. I'm tempted to try the maybelline powder foundation as well since it's alot cheaper. I use the Pure liquid foundation on a sponge and it was a surprisingly good foundation that didn't feel like a mask. I put Loreal true match powder over it but am thinking of going with a highlighter or something to get that fresh faced look. They have so many products to choose from, I wish I could afford to buy them all at once to try out!

When at the store, apply some to your neck and look at it from outside in natural light. If the products sealed ask if they cna get a tester for you. Walgreens is good about returns-just ask about what u can and can't bring back.

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