Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Maybelline mineral power concealer and liquid foundation?

is it any good?

thanks.Maybelline mineral power concealer and liquid foundation?
I bought both the foundation and the concealer. The foundation feels really smooth on the skin, unlike some other foundations, but it does not give much coverage, so if you have lots of blemishes, then it wont conceal them much. The concealer is the same, it doesnt offer as much coverage as other make-up I have tried before, and you have to tap it onto the spot you want very gently.

If you have clear skin, though, it is a good choice, as it offers a light coverage, which you may want to achieve.

If you want more of a heavier coverage though, try Loreal Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Make-up. I use this, and it is great! It covers up blemishes so well that I do not need to apply concealer, and because the formula is powder, you also dont need to apply powder over the top, like you would to set liquid foundations.

Hope this helps!!!Maybelline mineral power concealer and liquid foundation?
Maybelline is fine... But if its mineral makeup your after the i would opt for ID, Jane Iredale or any exclusive makeup brand that specialise in Mineral makeup only because they have been doing it for so long where as Maybelline is only new to it! But thats just my opinion, Maybelline is a good product and i would use it if i didn't have my other makeup.

dont use it

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