Thursday, December 3, 2009

Which maybelline foundation is the best?

i have oily t-zone and forehead areas with moderate acne.

its mostly the redness and the acne i want covered... i heard maybelline foundation are affordable and great. so which maybelline foundation do i use?

do i only need to use like liquid foundation? or a mineral powder to go over it too?

k, thanks guys!!

any good cleansers out there too?Which maybelline foundation is the best?
Maybelline's okay, I'd like it better if the one I have actually matched my skin though. I'd reccommend Revlon Colorstay though. It works sooo good! And they made one especially for oily skin :) You should use a translucent powder on top of that to soak up any oil. As for cleansers, I reccomend Neutrogena. It's my favorite%26lt;3 I use the scrubs and an oil-free moisturizer and that clears up my skin really well :)Which maybelline foundation is the best?
your better bet is neutrogena acne formula I forgot the exact name if it, but you must get the exact same matching pressed powder for staying power.

Pro activ and Ponds cleansing wipes

St Ives Soaps do not use bar soap
well, i'd recommend almay, but ummm...maybelline

i guess the dream matte mousse foundation, but don't apply it with a sponge, apply it with a brush..
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