Thursday, December 3, 2009

Does Maybelline mineral powder foundation work for dark circles?

I've heard that mineral powders can cover dark circles, but they are all way too expensive for me except for the maybelline type. Normally to cover my dark circles I need concealer and foundation, and it's a huge fuss that takes too long in the morning, so I was wondering if I could use just mineral makeup instead, or mineral makeup along with concealer.

Also, if I were to use the mineral powder, would it work better than pressed powder?Does Maybelline mineral powder foundation work for dark circles?
Don't bother with foundation it doesn't work as well as concealer does. I have very dark circles too and I use 2 inexpesive products: First apply Covergirl Advanced Radiance concealer, it's yellow based and is designed to cover up dark circles around the eye area, then apply Covergirl Fresh Complexion over the top and blend it in to your foundation, make sure you select a colour lighter than your foundation/skin tone, this makes it look less yellow and should completely hide your dark circles.

Its also very inexpensive, I paid about $10 for each and I was very happy :) If you don't want it to look cakey, add a little bit of moisturiser to the second concealer, this makes it very sheer and smooth on your skin.Does Maybelline mineral powder foundation work for dark circles?

I too was unsure about the mineral makeup until I finally tried the Maybelline mineral makeup line. I must say that it DOES work! I am really happy with the foundation. It covers everything really well, but since you have dark circles, you will need to use the mineral concealer from Maybelline as well. It comes in a very small bottle and is found next to the mineral foundation. I havent tried it, but if it works as well as the foundation, then it should do the trick! There is also eyeshadow in the mineral makeup as well!

Hope this helps!
Mineral powder does work..I use...either Jane mineral powder or avon...avon has decent priced mineral make up and works really well...I usually use a cheap concealer for my dark circles..I just touch it up a little then use the mineral powder on my face..It works really well. I have dark circles's genetic..My dad has them and so does my brother and I. They will never go away for me!
idk for sure but if you were wondering where the cause of dark circles is eather allergies or not enougth sleep if you have allergies consult your doct. i did and they gave me singalar and that cured my dark circles and yes mineral powder is better than pressed powder.
no, its best just to use concealer. i have the powder and if u put it under ur eyes it sort of glings to the undereyes and makes it worse. but otherwise its really good. i use it over tinted moisturiser. hope i helped x
Yes it works very well, my mom and i have dark rings around our eyes and when we use it, the rings are unnoticeable

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