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Maybelline foundation?

is maybelling foundation good? there is one which has a primer and color, like a 2-in-1. has anyone tried it?

i normally use maxfactor but am finding it too heavy so i want to change my foundation.Maybelline foundation?
y don't u try revlon?Maybelline foundation?
I think that Maybelline is really good, they have one called Dream Mouse Matte, someone else metioned this one too, I think that it is really good and it gives youy a good even coverage, I use it all the time!
hey. i tried the dream matte mouse and at first i thought it had dried out since it was very cakey and not moussey at all. but i discovered recently that applying the foundation with a dampened sponge like previously mentioned really does work. however, i am currently using mac studio fix powder foundation. when dealing with foundation and concealer, what you pay really is what you get, so go for the higher end stuff because i can promise you you will not be disappointed. hope this helps.
maybelline is fricken awsome!
its great .makes your skin glow
I find maybelline to be a great make up brand. In fact i think i have the foundation you are talking about. It makes my skin feel very soft, and doesnt cause break outs, i also suggest using Pure Makeup, witch is another line of makeu by maybelline.

okay this is what you do for the softest look whikle using both compact and foundation:

I use a mousturiezer (such as: olay) and mix it in with the maybelline foundation, that way you dont get nearly as many streaks! Then i use compact over that, witch gives it somewhat powdery look. Then i use bronzer, and just a tiny bit(try cover girl ;) and apply that evenly with a brush (like one that u would use with blush) then comes the blush, witch i use mac, use the same brush that you used to put on the bronzer!

Also i went to a website and got reveiwes about the foundation maybelline pure makeup foundation.

When I first used this it matched my skin great. As the day progressed my face got really shiny. I like this way better than the powder version since that only comes in 3 shades none of which matches my skin.

rating 4 of 5 by Jesamyn on 12/10/2006 7:02:00 PM more reviews by Jesamyn

I picked this foundation up before going on vacation in the Pacific NW, because of two things. First, I liked the tube; second, it's oil-free. The packaging is excellent. It's very conveniently sized, and the plastic tube isn't prone to breakage as glass bottles are. I love the feel of this foundation; as others have said, it's light and feels cool going on. It does seem to melt into my skin when applied with a foundation brush. I haven't noticed any of the oxidation problems that others have mentioned, although that is definitely something that I watch for! However, I'm still a bit iffy about the formula overall. It does lack staying power, though mine will mostly stay throughout the day. I've noticed that this foundation seems to highlight dry patches, so it could easily be a problem for some people. Also, since it's 50% water, I have to watch it around my eyes and either powder well or make sure it's very set before applying eye liner. I did notice that my eye makeup smudged a bit while wearing this foundation, although it's waterproof and doesn't generally smudge on me.

Final verdict: It's not HG for me, but I really like this foundation and wouldn't hesitate to re-purchase.

rating 3 of 5 by HoneyKisses on 12/10/2006 12:52:00 PM more reviews by HoneyKisses

Pros: Will not cause breakouts (even if you sleep with it!), cheap, great tube packaging, adequate range of colours. Cons: Streaky (must wear moisturizer underneath and blend, blend, blend! check yourself in a properly lighted room to make sure you don't have streaks before leaving the house), oxidizes (after 1-2 hours colour darkens to a browny-orange -- I use Light 4 Nude), does not last (gone by mid-day), settles into lines around mouth/forehead (actually creates lines -- I'm 25 and have no lines/wrinkles but this product creates them!), does not cover imperfections (just paints your face one colour), ';dries'; very quickly so you have to work fast at applying it. Will not re-purchase. I gave it a 3/5 bc it is cheap and comes in an easy to use hygenic tube. Definitely doesn't make me look ';better'; as make-up should! That said, maybe it's bc it's winter in Toronto and I need something creamier and more hydrating.

rating 5 of 5 by lopper on 12/10/2006 5:32:00 AM more reviews by lopper

I've tried a lot of foundations and this is the best. I have normal-combo skin and after mosturizing, I apply this and it is so refreshing. There is no toxic smell and it feels so cool going onto the skin, like water! I am asian and I use the lightest colour which is perfect during the winter when my skin is whiter. It blends very well, also, but it doesn't last long.

rating 4 of 5 by velvetgirl on 12/7/2006 10:54:00 AM more reviews by velvetgirl

I was pleasantly surprised by this! I have sensitive, acne prone skin and up till now have only been able to use Almay Clean foundation or Clinique -- everything else causes breakouts. I was very hesitant to try this makeup but because it seemed designed for my skin type I decided to go for it. It goes on nice, although I always moisturize first with Clean %26amp; Clear Dual Action moisturizer. I wish it had just a little bit more coverage, I would say it is similar to Almay Clean's coverage. From what I can tell it wears pretty good. I bought this in Nude (light 4) and it's the perfect color for my skin. Another bonus: it's cheaper than Almay and Clinique! I've only been using this for about two days but I think I found something just as good as Almay if not better, and definitely a better price. If I change my mind I will come back and edit but as for now I would repurchase!! EDIT: I love this stuff. My skin is looking so good!

rating 5 of 5 by whatsername1039 on 12/6/2006 2:51:00 PM more reviews by whatsername1039

i absolutle loved it. it blends well to match skintone, it doesnt rub off onto clothes and feels clean and sheer. i have acne prone skin and i love those product because it does not irritate my acne or clog my pores like most of the other foundations that i have tried. i apply it with a sponge and it really does a great job in evening out skin tone and best off all, i did not look at all fake on me! plus there are many colors to choose from for the perfect match. the price wasnt half bad either, which was also exciting. i would most definitley buy this product again!

rating 4 of 5 by princess_nat_88 on 12/5/2006 12:42:00 AM more reviews by princess_nat_88

It is great for me! Nice finish, average coverage etc, just doesn't last!

rating 4 of 5 by rubyweapon on 12/4/2006 8:08:00 PM more reviews by rubyweapon

I don't usually wear foundation, I hate the cakey feel and I can never find one that matches my skin tone. I bought a tube of Pure Makeup and I was pleasantly surprised. It's light, and blends very well, it doesn't flake on me or feel/look caked on. The lightest tone matches my skin almost perfectly. My only complaint is that it doesn't cover blemishes very well, but it works wonders for redness.

rating 5 of 5 by Sanabelle on 12/4/2006 1:43:00 PM more reviews by Sanabelle

Amazing foundation! Great for oily skin and making pores dissapear. It has a gel consistency and feels super light and fresh when you put it on. I found a pretty good color-match with classic ivory light 2, it neutralizes my usual redness somehow. It comes in a cute little tube too!

rating 4 of 5 by thecharm on 11/28/2006 11:07:00 PM more reviews by thecharm

I bought this stuff a while ago thanks to board raves. It's like the oily girl's version of a TM-- it's got a gellike consistency, as opposed to a creamy or lotiony feel, and it dries to a sheer, matte finish. If you are at all dry, this may flake on you. It is very sheer. (It looks halfway natural on me and nothing matches my skin tone. Ever.) Now, since I'm not a huge foundation fan, I use it on any blemishes or on the tip of my nose to cut shine. I never apply blush on bare skin, though, because I feel that it doesn't blend well when it's on bare skin, so I also use Pure as a primer for my blush. It does a great job--it makes my pores look invisible, and, once the blush is on, it doesn't look like there are layers of makeup on my face. Pure has no sunscreen, so be sure to put one on beforehand. I'd recommend this foundation for people with pretty good skin already, who are moderately oily. It'd probably be best for teenagers due to its sheer coverage and inexpensiveness.

rating 5 of 5 by makeitadouble on 11/27/2006 1:05:00 PM more reviews by makeitadouble

I have used just about every foundation known to man and I have to say that this particular one, which I bought on a whim when I was traveling, is in my top 3 for sure! It's supposed to be for oily skin, but it works beautifully on my normal to dry skin with a moisturizer underneath. The coverage is smooth, and because it's got a high water content, it feels great going on. I have and will buy again. I use shade 4 for my light skin with yellow undertones.

rating 4 of 5 by tracelizabeth on 11/25/2006 7:43:00 PM more reviews by tracelizabeth

Skin: Oily Color: Light 4 Nude Touch ups: With my oily skin, I had to touch up about mid-day, but no matter what make up, oily skinners will always need to touch up, thats nothing new. But otherwise, it stays on pretty well and doesn't melt off. Feel: This make up feels very nice on my skin, like I'm wearing nothing at all. Coverage: This has light to medium coverage. I just use the powder over it for more coverage and it works perfectly fine. Application: This was a little weird when I applied it, it's a little hard to blend in, it takes some technique. Make sure you check in natural sun light to make sure it is evenly applied to your whole face. Look: This looks matte on the skin, which is what I wanted. It looks pretty natural and not cakey. I love how it looks! Overall: This is a great foundation for a natural look. I really like it and the packaging makes it very sanitary. I love the product.

rating 2 of 5 by moonstar on 11/24/2006 12:50:00 PM more reviews by moonstar

I received a sample of this when it first came out and was so impressed by it that I ran out and bought a tube. I initially loved the finish and consistency of this product, the colour was a perfect match too. I started noticing however, that this foundation doesn't wear particularly well. By mid-day, the initial matte finish ends up being overtaken by oil breakthrough. By the end of the day, my face was flaky and oily too. Not a good combination! The colour also oxidizes and becomes orangey. Will not re-purchase.

rating 5 of 5 by elenthe on 11/24/2006 11:49:00 AM more reviews by elenthe

I absolutely LOVE this foundation. I've tried all different products - I had been using Clinique Superfit foundation for about a year before picking this up, and I've never looked back. Yes, it's sheer, but it can be easily layered. Also, what I do is put it over Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer and it's great; the Neutrogena evens out my skin, so the Maybelline just makes it look even better. I have very oily skin, but don't have a problem with this sliding off like other reviewers have mentioned. I actually think it wears great and looks even more natural a few hours after application. I also love the tube packaging, it's very convenient for just throwing into a bag. I mix together two shades for the winter (Light 3 and Light 5) and the summer just use Light 5. If this is ever discontinued, I will buy up probably 10 tubes.

rating 4 of 5 by SimplyGorgeous19 on 11/22/2006 12:16:00 AM more reviews by SimplyGorgeous19

Before i start with my review i would like to say i used the powder along with this and it cleared up my skin completely in a matter of four days. Not just from pimples but also just little bumps along my forhead. But anyways. I have extremely oily skin and tend to break out every once in a while and since this is supposedly marketed towards ppl like me i figured i might as well try it. When i first applied then applied the powder my skin looked flawless. i mean literally flawless. But once my face started to become oily it seemed to slide right off my face. and when i do reapply the powder with a sponge applicator i looked cakey. very confusing. this might be for others but not for me. i said yes to repurchasing bc it isnt a bad product but i wont be repurchasing.
If you like your current foundation, other than it being heavy, try applying it with a damp make up sponge (make sure it's not too wet). Your make up goes on smoother and more evenly, and of course not as heavy. Then dust a small amount of powder (loose pwdr works best) over it with a large brush (a blush brush or kabuki brush).
I'm not sure abt the one u mentioned but I'm currently using Maybelling Dream Matte.It's really good.The powder is very fine and blends in with the skin very well,so it looks very natural.
You should buy something by Chanel or MAC. Never any drugstore brand.
it's a good one
maybelline is good. so is covergirl. remember, its how you blend it.
Maybelline foundations are actually pretty good quality compared to pricier foundations. Instant Age Rewind is a good one to try if you have sensitive skin on the dryer side. I used to work for MAC and a few other cosmetic lines, and have been impressed with Maybelline when I didn't want to pay for more expensive foundations. I generally like more expensive ones better though. Hope that helps!

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