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Maybelline concealer help.....?


i have tried several concealers approx of all good brands avalible in my country but still the result is not i have bought maybelline coverstick concealer in medum beige colour..its a good one but do u think it will suit my complexion,..i have a medium fair complexion...that is abt wheatish but still fair....will this concealer suit me...????when i applied was good but appered abit whitis or a bit cakey(not tooo much)what should i do to make it perfect...???i have yellow correction concealer please help...Maybelline concealer help.....?
hmmm.. the maybelline concealer is meant for blemishes if i'm not wrong. Try Body Shop. They have a series specially meant for concealing dark eye circles.Maybelline concealer help.....?
you are only supposed to put concealer on blemishes and then put foundation on over all of your face try that and then see the diference
Applying a concealer is a tricky art.

It sounds an OK shade to me. But then we cannot see you.

You got to blend it in.

Moisturize the face before you apply any concealer and foundation.

Blend the area outside the blemish.

Cover with a light powder as a 'finish' .
First thing is first, don't try to use concealer as a treatment or cure for pimples or blemishes. It will only encourage the progression of more breakouts as you clog the pores with excessive amounts of concealer.

Instead, wash your face clean with Neutrogena or Clean%26amp;Clear, and be sure to apply moisturizer prior to the concealer. You can also try applying eye cream from the Body Shop around the dark circles to lessen the appearance of fatigue. Just be sure to moisturize your skin, as all bases will apply smoothly to well hydrated skin.

When you're applying concealer, tap it gently into the skin while feathering the edges outward. Do this under the eyes, along the nose and the chin. Don't try to cover everything up if you have acne problems, use some treatments to try to clear them up first. For concealers, you can probably browse MAC Cosmetics website since I hear they pretty much cover everything underneath the sun. By applying the concealer first, you don't have to use as much foundation on your skin.

Note: liquid concealers tend to become ';cakey'; after a while.

From there, brush on your foundation evenly from center-outward for a flawless look. Avoid full-foundation coverage, as this is excessive. Just apply it wherever there is uneven skin tone (ex: nose or pink cheeks during winter). Note to determine your shade by applying to your jawline and not the underside of your wrist. Be sure to adjust your shades as the seasons go by (winter = lighter, summer = darker), as well as your skin type (oily = matte, dry = hydrating).

Then just top it off with some face powder and you're ready to go! Make sure it's the right shade though, otherwise you'll be sporting a CAN-US border on your jawline. ; )
Try putting it on with a damp cosmetic sponge.

Also, if you wear foundation, put the concealer on after you apply foundation- it helps to keep you from overdoing it.
First, the concealer should be a little darker to your skin, not exactly your skin color. Second of all, if its cakey, you're applying too much, or maybe your face is dry. Moisturize your face first, wait until that drys, then apply a small layer of concealer. Do it slowly and gently.

I recommend Neutrogena.
If you wanna cover dark circles, use a creamy kind of concealer that is one tone lighter than your skin, then apply a few dots under dark circle and use your ring finger to dab till concealer blends with your skin. Using the ring finger because it has least strength, skin around eyes area are very ';soft'; (i hope u get what i mean, i can't remember the word). At last, apply foundation that matches your skin tone. However if you are using a concealer to cover blemishes, apply it after foundation.
Try something totally diffrent try Bare Minerals it works great and it is light and good for your skin it feels like you have nothing on and works amazing LMAO I sound like the comercial

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