Thursday, December 3, 2009

Does the maybelline mousse foundation really work?

Does it really work as well as they mention it on the commercial?

What are the pros and cons about this product?

And what's the price for it at any drugstore?Does the maybelline mousse foundation really work?
I have used it; and I liked it. It covers well, and works great on oily skin.Does the maybelline mousse foundation really work?
hmm. well never tried it. cuz i've ALWAYS used the liquid maybelline foundation. and it works wonders. but sometimes wen i want a lighter tone on my face, i blend it with lotion (spf 15, anti-oil) looks clear, FEELS clean, and it doesnt feel like its binding ur creases in ur face wen you smile, ya noe? haha

but even from teh sound of the word 'mousse' i rather not try it.

try out the lotion thing. for ANY brand. it actually feels really good XD
i can't really say much about this product since i never tried it.

but my best friend bought this %26amp; said that its not any good.

she said it like gets off easily.
noo, try the revlon foundations

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