Thursday, December 3, 2009

_hei gUyz,,,cn u heLp me fiGure out wAtz d bEst coNceaLer and foUndation???_(maybeLLine? mAx factor? mac?)?

_c0z im aLwyz having a hard tym in ch0osing wat produCt 2 bUy_i hAv fair skin_and stiL y0ung_wat do u think is d bEst product 4 me 2 use?__hei gUyz,,,cn u heLp me fiGure out wAtz d bEst coNceaLer and foUndation???_(maybeLLine? mAx factor? mac?)?
As far as foundation you should use Prescriptives. Concealer you can use Lancome. And for eyeshadows I would chose either Lancome or MAC. Since you have young skin you want to make sure that you use quality makeup. Because if you start using cheap things on your face or even studio makeup on your face(MAC or SMASHBOX) when you get older you are going to regret it. Start taking care of your face NOW. Spend a little more money but your face will look a lot better._hei gUyz,,,cn u heLp me fiGure out wAtz d bEst coNceaLer and foUndation???_(maybeLLine? mAx factor? mac?)?
I have to stand my MAC. It's pretty cheap. but NOTHING else covers like MAC does, and believe me I've tried EVERYTHIIIIING. You should try a store like Saphora or Ulta, they have tons of make up that you can try on before you buy it.
I use mac studio fix. Very good.
max factor hands down. it stays on for hours and it really hides blemishes and flaws
actually Philosophy is really good.It is carried in Macy's,Sephora,Nordstrom the best place to get it though is Nordstrom because they will give smaples and they are so much nicer than Macys and if you do onot like how it works you can return to Nordstrom as long as half the bottle is not used.
i like a light a bare minerals bronzer..neutragina makes a great one... but if heavy coverage is what ur lookin 4... check out lancoms dual coverage compact, it can be used dry or wet 4 heavier coverage..if you have alot of imperfections u r trying to conseal.... CHECK OUT M.A.C.... mac cosmetics are like war paint...they wont budge till the commin of the necular holichaust...but stay away from their mascarras...they run..
u should use tinted moistureiser by rimmel or Elizabeth Arden,Powder by Mac, Conceler by Bobbi Brown
The best foundation is Guerlain, absolutely, and it doesn't cost too much. The compact one is the best: I hate liquid foundation.
of course MAC
MAC is the best.
When working with foundation and concealers, you can't go wrong with the Clinique. Use the 3 step program (soap, clarifier and moisturizer) then hit the foundations (powder or gel).
I have tried almost every kind of foundation out there. My all time best product is oil free foundation by NARS. It stays put all day and it doesn't make me breakout. My favorite concealer is by clinique. It goes on so light, so you don't look like a racoon, but it covers the right amount. You can find any of these products at a department store like Nordstrom, or a make up store like Sephora.
MAC, and if you can, avoid actual foundation (looks too heavy on young skin), use tinted moisturizer with SPF
I think MAC's concealer is by far one of the best that I've used. As for foundation, Kose is a pretty good choice if you have a fair skin tone. Try asking the girls at the counter as they would give pretty good advices. But there are certain high-end cosmetics that better caters to the mature skin like L****ME, so if possible try avoiding those as they will be too heavy on the skin.

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