Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Maybelline concealer?

I bought a maybelline concealer the other day, and it is of no use. It doesn't conceal any imperfection. I just wanted it to conceal, a tiny freckle mark on my face, and it did not work. The mark was stil very much visible. Anybody that experience the same thing as me?Maybelline concealer?
Maybelline and all other drugstore brands are typically very water based, therefore it will not cover a single spot such as a freckle effectively. Such concealers are more suited for dark under eye rings or minor blemishes..

For freckles, use a pen tipped one. Brands such as Lancome, Shishedo or Bobbi Brown or MAC, should have them... It is specifically for freckles, whereby the difference is in the consistency of the liquid (much thicker and lighter). Of course, prices should definitely be higher then Mabelline, so be prepared to pay more for a gd one!=)Maybelline concealer?
mabelline matte mouse is what i use and its really good
i feel you. ive tried all the cheap makeup products that i thought would work because i thought all concealers should do its job. but unfortunately i was wrong.

try ';bare escentuals'; mineral make up.

it works great because i have some dark pimple scars that are like freckles that i cover with that foundation/ concealer.

they sell it at select macy's stores anf they started to have some bare escentuals boutiques in malls. or find it online. the brushes are great too.

if not u can also try ';mac's studio fx'; powder foundaton. its the best cover up too.

good luck beautiful!!!!
i found that the plain, old, covergirl concealer works awesome
What if you actually work on lightening the problem instead of concealing it? Look for a product with licorice root extract in it. I know The Body Shop sells one called ';moisture white'; and I'm sure other companies sell it too but it's probably more expensive. Licorice root extract is a natural ingredient that actually suppresses the melanin producing cell that darkens discolorations on the face everytime you go outside. With regular use you should notice a difference within a month and if you continue using it, eventually it should disappear. But once you stop, you can't stop--or it will come back.
Use cover girl cream-powder concealer, it the best i've tried so far.

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