Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Maybelline dream mousse concealer/foundation?

About a week or two ago i was at the store looking for a foundation/concealer and the dream matte mousse by maybelline caught my eye, and ive heard from some people that it's really good, and others that it really sucks.

I need some type of conealer/foundation before school pictures and before school starts, and i NEED to know if the maybelline dream matte mousse is GOOD or NOT?

and please only answer if you have experience with this product and know for sure.Maybelline dream mousse concealer/foundation?
I do not have experience with it but my friend has and said it was horrible. Also, I know my Rite Aid lets you return used make up if you dont like it/it doesnt work. You should see if yours does the same, I don't see why it wouldnt.Maybelline dream mousse concealer/foundation?
it doesn't suck, its alright. i used it for about 6 months, found it didn't really work for me. really shows up if you have dry skin. i would get the new maybelline one. dream satin liquid foundation. thats the one i have atm and its really good. it never shows up when i have a patch of dry skin.
Honestly, it sucks. If your skin is dry, you will see it. If your skin is oily, it will be noticable. At times, rather than going on smooth, it will go on almost clumpy and will just crumble to the floor.

Other Maybelline foundations are worth it, but not that one.
Its really good! how can some people say it sucks?? it goes on to your face really easily and covers you up AMAZINGLY! whoever sed itz bad must be crazy because its been my foundation for agez and i have a NO problems with it, trust me, Its worth EVERY PENNY!
I don't like this product its cakey and thick.

Also it dident cover much.

Good luck. (:
i liked it for stuff that needs serious concealing, but it tended to look sort of caky and it clogs your pores..

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