Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Has anyone used everfresh concealer by maybelline?

I was just wondering if anyone had used the everfresh concealer, as i am thinking of getting it. Right now i use a covergirl powder and i look great @ the start of the day but by the end my face looks rank. So i want to know if it is

a) oil free

b) good for oil skins

c) doesn't make u have a shiny look

d) lasts as long as it says it does

e) a good concealer!

Just wondering, as i hate looking in the mirror any time after 10:30 and hating what i see.Has anyone used everfresh concealer by maybelline?
I've used it before and I'm not a fan.Has anyone used everfresh concealer by maybelline?
Its super! Oil free - yes! Good for oily skins - definately! Shiny face - nooo! Lasts as long as it says it does - if you apply it correctly and dont get it wet or jump in a pool etc ! Good concealer - yes i love it, its the best one for me anyway!!!!!!!!
Most boutique and supermarket brand make-up is designed to last around 3hrs on the face. If you want a concealer and foundation that will last all day get a professional one. They have to last all day because make-up artists like myself need it to. Your base (foundation, concealer etc) is the most important part of your make-up, because if it comes off, it uncovers all you wanted to cover in the first place. Also get yourself a good primer to put underneath your foundation and concealer. Primer holds it on longer. Even if you have a non pro make-up it will still last longer. The cheapest pro brand is Max Factor and the next cheapest is Napoleon(which is an aussie brand) Trust me, once you go professional, you will never go back.
It is a GREAT concealer- However, it is no longer being produced. So if you fall in love with it, as I have you'll be s.o.l soon. Ive already been to every store in my area and it's nowhere to be found. You can find it on ebay selling for $30+ so at the very least you could turn a profit if you were able to find it.
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